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“Everyone should be able to afford healthy and appealing dental prostheses” Dr. Holger Riemer

Dr. Holger-Ludwig Riemer

About Dr. Holger-Ludwig Riemer:

The jurist and businessman is the business mind of Audentic AG. His expertise has helped the company mature into a recognized medium-sized international player.

As a philanthropist, Dr. Riemer has appeared with several publications such as “Vorbilder und Vorbildhandeln (“Idols and idol behaviour”), or “Investieren mit System” (“Investing with a system”). His social commitment is shown by several charitable projects. In the company, he his especially responsible for the areas of service and communication.

Audentic AG

Audentic AG is the honest alternative for all patients who need good dentures for little money. It was founded in 2011. Its entrepreneurial expertise and dental technology know-how set standards in the dental industry.

Audentic AG has already supplied thousands of dentists and patients in Germany to their absolute satisfaction.