What are dental costs?

»Dental costs« – those are costs for crowns, bridges, implants and complete dentures.
The costs for the services from dental laboratories. Here, you can save.

Why is no insurance necessary?

You can always profit from our prices – no matter how you are insured.

Supplementary dental insurance will often be like a loan that is paid back. Especially if you sign it late.

It is expensive if you are older, or already have pension gaps.

You can immediately save quite a lot of money with us without complicated arithmetics.

Which dentist is treating me?

We work with all dentists.

With yours, too.

You can leave long drives or even trips to low-wage countries

to your more adventurous contemporaries.

Except if you are looking for the adventure.

4 years guarantee

If you or your dentist are not happy with our artificial teeth – no matter why – we will simply craft it anew. Until you are satisfied.

Your dentist will be remunerated by us.

(According to GTC satisfaction guarantee=